Enron Review

We were once told to ‘Ask Why’ by one of the world’s largest energy companies, Enron, and it seems we’re still asking. The public once viewed it as a company of innovation but today associate it with its fraud scandal. Rupert Goold brings Prebble’s play Enron to life at the Royal Court Theatre and follows the lives of the individuals responsible from the early 1990’s to 2006.


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Theatre in Britain seems relatively untouchable now considering the censorship it has previously been subjected to. Even the critics are resistant to the concept of a Code of Ethics. But if there really are no boundaries how can we be sure that audiences receive appropriate material? Furthermore who’s ensuring the safety of the actors and audience? (more…)

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Avenue Q Review

Avenue Q CastEver wonder what became of the characters from Sesame Street once the cameras stopped rolling? A night at the revival of Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx’s musical Avenue Q (directed by Jason Moore) could hold the answer. With characters that strongly resemble Sesame Street favourites you’d be forgiven for thinking that Cookie Monster moved neighbourhoods, grew up and switched his cookie addiction for a porn fetish. (more…)

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